If you are looking to tell your story to the newspapers and or magazines you need someone who can guide you with personal one to one attention. Whether you are looking to highlight a good cause, receive a payment or just thank an organisation or charity that has helped you Lucy Laing, one of Britains most experienced and well known journalists, can guide you through the process. Along with award winning photography ( which you get to keep ) you will be helped every step of the way to place your story in the publication best suited to your story. You will receive a payment upon publication or you can donate the payment to your chosen charity to contact Lucy click here

Lucy Laing is one of the UKs leading independent journalists, her work being featured every week in National Newspapers and magazines. Coming from a health journalist background she writes mainly on health related human interest stories and also covers world wide conservation and animal related stories. Since winning the UK Press Gazette's young journalist of the year award in 1996, Lucy has covered stories in the UK and overseas, covering such diverse topics as world breaking health developments and heart rending personal struggles of individuals facing and overcoming life threatening conditions.

Lucy has also covered light hearted stories ranging from tame hippos in Africa to astonishing talented pets. She manages to convey in her work the individuals story while managing to bring much needed publicity to many of the UKs and world good causes.

If you have a story to tell either of personal courage by yourself, a relative or friend or maybe have a tale which you feel will bring a smile to the face of the reader, please contact Lucy via the got a story to tell page and she will be happy to get back to you.


                            You will of course receive a payment on publication.

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